Change in Driving Style Saves Gas and Money!!!


Curious on how driving style affects gas mileage, I did a test over this past week to calculate my average fuel consumption on my commute to work. My commute is 8.2 miles (one-way) and has a mix of street and freeway driving. On Monday and Tuesday, I drove very conservatively trying to get the very best gas mileage I could. On Monday, I got an average of 23.5 MPG and on Tuesday I did a little better and got 24.5 MPG. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I drove as I normally would (faster starts and with more braking) and averaged 18.4 and 18.6 MPG, respectively.

This test showed me that I can increase my miles per gallon by 30% (or 5.5 MPG) by simply changing how I drive. This equates to an additional 99 miles per tank or a savings of $19.68 in fuel costs (assuming I fill the tank with 18 gallons of premium fuel at $4.77 per gallon and average 24 MPG).

I am amazed by these results and will definitely change how I drive to improve my miles per gallon.

UPDATE: Gary Richards, a.k.a. “Mr. Roadshow,” a journalist at the San Jose Mercury News, quoted a few items from this blog for his article Cheaper gasoline? It’s all relative on July 26, 2008.


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