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Branding in the Age of Social Media – Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog

by: Matt Rhodes

Required reading this week at FreshNetworks has been this great presentation from Mike Trap on what he calls ’scalable intimacy’, the intersection between branding and social media.

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Web Social Architecture: A Conceptual Map of the Social Web

Here’s a take on the idea of the social web and how it differs from page-based and broadcast conceptions of web space. The fundamental difference here is that where broadcast thinking envisions a web of HTML pages connected by hyperlinks, social thinking envisions a web of people, relationships, and content created by people.

The individual is at the center of the social web experience.

There are a lot of ways, obviously, you might draw this picture, and a lot of things you might include on it. For example, you could group the social web into communities, contacts, and content.

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Cracking the (Social) Code – Adweek.com

Jan 19, 2009

-By Jim Calhoun

We often hear how the media landscape is changing. But the most striking media development in recent years is really the one that makes us human, and that’s our deep-seated desire to organize and maintain relationships (or socialize).

Thanks to sites like Facebook and MySpace, consumers now experience the world through the company they keep — a very caveman-like concept. The fact that marketers are struggling with this shift is somewhat ironic. Great marketers have long known that social dynamics play a critical factor in brand and purchase decisions, and the key to success is becoming an ingrained part of the consumer conversation.

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48 Social News Websites You Can Use – doshdosh.com

This list purely consists of English social news sites. There are no social bookmarking or social network sites included. I’ve not included video sharing sites because I’ll be writing more on them and video marketing in a future article.

Here’s a brief definition of social news sites, in case you’re unfamiliar with them:

Social News websites are communities which allow its users to submit news stories, articles and media (videos/pictures) and share them with other users or the general public. Some of these articles will be given more visibility, depending on various factors such as the number of user votes for each item.

Apart from counting registered user votes, some social news websites employ human editors to determine the visibility of each news item. Certain stories will be removed from the website while others may be given a ‘featured‘ position if the story is highly relevant and news worthy.

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What is Social Media?

Marta Kagan has created a great introduction into what social media is and isn’t.  Here is her presentation on SlideShare.

FriendFeed adds Rooms

FriendFeed RoomsFriendFeed is great for discovering, sharing and discussing content with your friends. But what if you just want to do so with a few select people–like with your neighbors–or talk about a specific topic, like the social media? Now you can get a room!

A room is like a mini FriendFeed for a particular subject or group of people. You can make a room for your family, your work team, or your bike club. Everyone in your room can share stuff with each other and leave comments that only other people in your room can see. You decide whether to make your room public, where anyone can join, or private, where you have to invite or approve each member. You can even choose to view everything from your rooms in your feed, instead of just in the rooms themselves.

Social Technographics Defined

Social Technographics Explained

Here is a SlideShare presentation regarding social technographics from Josh Bernoff of Forrester and co-author of Groundswell.